Saturday, May 24, 2014

Busy bags for 4-5 year olds

I finally figured out some preschooler (4-5yr age group) Busy Bags. So I made these ones up last night (except for the reused one with pom poms and egg carton). Lumpy was aware I made them. We decided to leave them in an old Lego container (all lego gets tipped into a draw under the lego table), she woke up this morning and decided to start using them!
Note to self - limit the amount of busy bags available at once!
This bag contained the items for making 2 chickens - paper plates , pre cut paper plates to make wings, feathers, goggly eyes, glue. Lumpy went to the craft supplies to get felt pens and items for beaks. She did need some adult supervision/help when she used a stapler (for the wings)
This is the reused one from friday, I have added buttons also - different shades of the colour and she can pick if she uses the pom poms or the buttons or a mix of both to count the number required.
This one we have actually had for a while - I attended a kindy program info night, where they discussed how previously we were "rope learning" so kids would know 1 2 3, however couldn't visualise understand 1 2 3 as things.
I have on small slips of paper 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and the then words and then dots . .. ... and so on. The cups have 1-9 on them, She will sort out so in each cup will be 3 slips of paper 1, one, and . . She does need assistance with this one - i can set her up on the kitchen table and be cooking and she will spell the words out to me, she recognises 1 2 3 and is happy to count the dots however the words are still a little tricky. 
This one is beading, there is some leather and some elastic as the thread and beads of different sizes and shapes which all have different sized holes for threading.
Another threading one, this one with small wire (blunt) pieces (left overs from when i made beaded earrings) some bells and buttons - just working on fine motor skills still.
She can dress the lady on the stick - goggly eyes, fabric off cuts (she will need to get the PVA glue for wood) and she will get the felt pens for hair and mouth.
And this morning she worked on beading and making a bracelet and an anklet, it required going through my beads and getting more out!
Not how i imagined them turning out, however they are her own work and interpretation on the simple instruction i left.
I think busy bags will be a big success and source of entertainment for Lumpy while I'm preoccupied with Mcbaby2.0. I can sit in the play room and help when required. It also helps understand where her development, creativity and independence is up to. I will need to find some more easy things to make from paper plates that and beading/threading seem to hold her attention the longest.