Friday, September 30, 2016

Wet road trip!

It's school holidays here at the moment, I managed to have a couple of days off mid week and wanted to do something different, new, exciting with the girls.  Last week the annual Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers (info)  was on. I decided to take the girls to check it out - I've always wanted to go but never got around to it, what better excuse for a girls trip, right? I had two excited girls to go on a road trip and spend the night away... except we woke up on the day and it was raining, it had been raining in Toowoomba and surrounds for a few days.  I decided we would still go and hope the rain eased off so we could still see something. It didn't. So we went and got some wet weather gear and were determined to go and enjoy the flowers and events. It was like magic, we put the raincoats and gumboots on and the rain eased up and then stopped!
Of course the most exciting part for the girls were the puddles, 2.0 may as well not have worn her boots and coat because she was absolutely saturated! nothing a warm shower and pyjamas didn't fix.

On the way home we decided to take adventure and drive the scenic route, which took us to the Darling Downs Zoo (info)  which I have to be honest and say, I had no idea it existed! 
Lumpy and 2.0 had a great time feeding the animals, and being able to touch them. 2.0 was the perfect height to be in the firing line for the emu's so we had to be careful around them - those beaks are huge. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Water and ice play

Temperatures in the high 30°c range make it very unpleasant for the small people.
Before work I make some coloured water in a dinosaur mould and put in the freezer. Thinking the girls. Would love a play after school / daycare to cool down.
Lumpy loved playing with (and eating) coloured ice dinosaurs, 2.0 was not so sure! She was fine with just the water but not the added ice. After playing with the water and ice Lumpy went off to play on the swings and 2.0 played with some shaving foam.
(I just found this draft from March 2015! so will publish now!)

WOW, I've been neglectful!

So, I just realised there has been a loooooong time between posts!

Lumpy is now 6.5 - Loving school, loves reading, loving the Harry Potter series and is quiet an independent and strong willed little person.

2.0 - is now 2.25 - loving to sing (especially wheels on the bus, at 930pm), loving exploring the world, and is very opinionated on all things "mine.

I will try and do some more posts over the next few days of our adventures and happenings!

<3 p="" see="" soon="" you="">(I hope)