Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Family bike ride!

We decided to go for a bike ride along the water at Redcliffe (promoting healthy activities and also cheap). was a great family day (though the daddy one had to tow Lumps in the trailer while she snacked the WHOLE time!) We will do it again. Beautiful day, an easy ride, a nice walk and some great cafes (or great picnic spots!) also some great playgrounds which are fenced off!

Fixing her shoes

Waiting for daddy to get the trailer conencted

Walking on the beach with daddy

Pretending to be a spider!

Kids will be kids.

Mumma camp number 2

Lumps and I set off on anopther mumma camp! Hastings point in NSW this time! we had amazing weather and teh water was warm enough to play in!It was such a great. Lumps had fun and eating fish and chips by the water for dinner was awesome! It did get a little cold in our tent at night, but we did come prepared!
This Mumma camp had one of my friends (who has no children) come along for the trip too!
Looking for crabs!

Testing the water
Piggy back ride!!!
Dinner out by the water

Up early to watch the sunrise

Thursday, April 11, 2013

how my garden has grown in 6 days!

follow on from post We have had rainy drizzle days which has resulted in some great growing!
strawberry plants have a flower!
Cucumber has flowers!
Lettuce seeds have sprouted
Paw paw tree has more flowers and bigger paw paw
basil going strong (hopefully!)
neighbourhood lemons ;)
More tomato flowers

Friday, April 5, 2013

How does your garden grow?!

I love gardening (let me clarify, I like edible gardens, I'm not good with the flowers and pretty things). Lumpy LOVES helping me in the garden. She helps plant seeds, transplant seedlings, water, and pick our food! I think it is great that she is so involved. She watches the changes and loves watching butterflies and bees do their thing! She was also reallly helpful and putting the hens in with the sweet corn .... we had no corn to harvest!

It is also a great way to save money on fruit and vegetables on your weekly shop - we however don't have a huge amount growing, and only a snippet of each thing. Baby steps! one day we will have enough beds to have multiple plants of the same thing!

Here is a selection of our current garden.
Some of our self seeded tomatoes fruiting

the mess of dwarf beans and butternut pumpkin

Basil.... This is incredibly exciting to me.. I have not been successful in growing basil to date! (I envied a friends basil haul last year!)


Paw Paw

Lettuce - one of the only ones that has grown! (I have planted more seeds!)

Chilli (green and not overely hot)

snow peas - i have 2 lots of snow peas growing - Lumpy planted this lot... slightly crowded :) )



Eggplant! I HATE eggplant. Lumpy had free choice of a plant... she picked Egg plant!!! anyway it's been incredibly successful and we have had over 10 eggplant with more on the plant and more flowers!

Passionfruit vine
We also have shallots (grown from a bunch i got about18 months ago!!), mango, avocado, mandarin, blood orange and bay tree growing!

Growing your own isn't expensive - most of ours are grown from seed (or self seeded or the chooks seeded them ) and our seeds purchased from ebay very cheap. The first year is the most expensive if you have to go and buy everything.

Even try growing a few snow peas /climbing beans or dwarf beans in a pot - they grow quickly and are pretty kid tolerant :)

6 days on -