Friday, December 30, 2011

Spontaneous road trip!

Yesterday we couldn't decide if we drive to Mt Tamboeine coffee plantation or Byron Bay to buy fresh coffee beans. So as we are driving we decide to head to Kennilworth for cheese and yogurt instead!

There is a lovely play ground opposite the cheese factory, with a fenced off area for the smaller kids.

A short stop in Maleny - so many wonderful shops! Also a lovely fully fenced play ground!

Lots of new exploring for Lumpy! And a great family day out .

Have a safe and happy new year! Remember to spend time with your loved ones.
Cheese this way!

After the cheese factory we headed home an stopped at 'fig tree walk', where Miss Lumpy had to wear her tail on the walk - it is a very easy walk and pram/wheelchair accessible.
Tall trees are fascinating to little people!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas lights

Last night we went out as a family unit to see Christmas light displays! Lumpy was rather impressed.... So was mummy! Eeeep Christmas is so close now!
I really really enjoy checking out teh lights! people go to so much effort. It is really impressive. I am more than happy to go and appreciate their hard work :D

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hair gel in a bag

I had seen this elsewhere (home made mumma) and thought I'd give it a go.... Lumpy was not too impressed and was more interested in the little glitter container!

We also had a lunch date with daddy! vegetarian fried rice mmmm.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas crafts

We have some work happening in our back yard so lumpy is confined to the house.
While I was at lady bunnings (aka spotlight) they had 50% off Xmas things. I grabbed a reindeer for a rainy day activity....
Well today was kinda a rainy day?!?
Oh this post is done on the blogger iPhone app!!!

This reindeer DID do "the rounds" and appeared on 4 Tables for our Christmas festivities - must post those pics!

Monday, December 5, 2011

busy, busy, busy!

What an amazingly crazy time of the year! and... lots of free events on for the kids (ok and the big mummy kids!). On sunday we had a petting zoo (and other activities) on in our local park - Lumpy however was too tired  to stay for long. Sunday night we went to see the myer windows in the city, and the giant Christmas tree in King George square - ok we had to pay for parking for those 2 -$12 for 3 of us so not bad really.
Tonight if teh rain stays away we will be going for a walk around our neighbourhood to check out the christmas lights. SOme only have a few up BUT Lumpy (and mummy) love them anyway.

Ok this one is from rowdy rascals play centre on friday. Look how much fun she is having!!!

What are your free Christmas activities you have done/will do?