Friday, May 18, 2012

Don't throw it....

Grow it... here are some photos of things I have grown instead of thrown. Potatoes very easy however apparently due to chemicals used on store purchased ones I will only harvest about 5-7 spuds from each plant.

Also spring onions I don't have a pre planting photo sorry

only one is really doing well.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Sorry! I know it's been a while between posts. Lumpy and I are getting our vege patches up and running while the weather is cooler. We have a busy busy week coming up, i will take lots of photos and post next week!

A little while a go i read somewhere "why grow grass, when you can grow food?" This has really made me think, and now I'm doing something about it!! - i am increasing our edible plants - we had Mandarin, paw paw, blueberry and strawberry (had tobuy 6 more plants as dog vs berry patch... you know who won) and garlic chives.
We now also have leeks & rosemary seedlings. With passionfruit seeds and cayenne cilli seeds to raise! as well as a wish list as long as my arm. BUT baby steps, and we will get there. (OH we also have our neighbours lemons hanging into our yard)

Yet again the wonder Homemade Mumma has shared her knowledge and ideas with me - don't throw it, grow it! makes sense now that you have heard it, right?!? this has lead to me regrowing shallots, potato (just waiting for them to sprout a little more before planting out in the big bad cold world) and experimenting with pineapple top (it is 18-24 month before we can pick a pineapple tough).