Friday, March 2, 2012

Chipmunks play centre -Underwood

Today Lumpy and I went to a play centre at Underwood. We have been to a few play centres and just assumed this one would be like the rest.

I loved it! It had really good play equipment. It did not have the standard same stuff the others have.

Under 5's

They did have a ball pit in the under 5 area. It had white see through balls and coloured lighting underneath - great for young inquisitive minds.

A walk on piano floor mat - Yes I did try it out! (and had images of Homer Simpson on that giant floor piano).

A favourite for lumpy was the mary go round/carosel which was FREE and always on.

There was also a bladder filled with ?gel, that the kids could walk on and jump on, lay on whatever they wanted! I was really impressed with this - again on the bottom of it was colours. I love that it has more than just play equipment.

Over 5's-

WOW huge play euipment - climbing, balls- an area with balls, vaccum and blowing air and keeping the balls in the air with well air tables.

We didn't spend as much time in the area as teh Under 5's. I will be going back and exploring it further.

Oh and a giant inflatable slide!

** This is the ONLY play centre we have been to which actually checks the armband number with the ticket number you have.

The food was reasonably priced and quite nice.
Plenty of seating.

You could purchase a token to ride on the train or pirate ship.

the mary-go-round

The bladder filled with ? gel

The Piano mat.

The ball pit in under 5's with the coloured lights

Put balls in here

they get sucked up and spat out here

part of the over 5's

you put a ball over that little spout thing and teh ball floats up to inside the ball

Buttons kids have to push to make thinsg work.

This net thing is in the air - is sucks up balls and holds them in the net- a kid pushes a button it sounds an alarm and tips the balls out!

Random hanging things.

Remember your socks! both adults and children MUST wear socks.