Wednesday, October 9, 2013

String paintings

I have a secret... I feel like being lazy today... Not much planned at all. But as we all know 3.5yr olds don't do rest days! So it will be a day of crafts, play room, books and most likely playing under the patio on her "race track" (chalk drawn lines on the pavers). easy activity - string painting. very very easy - string, paint, paper, child!
Getting teh paint onot the string
we made 3 painting, and then she decided to add the string ... may need to find the glue..

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Saturday drive to O'Reilly's

I have a half weekend off! after a big week, family time was in order. We decided on a drive to O'Reilly's for a picnic and a walk.

We did an easy peasy picnic. After the picnic we checked out the plane ( ). To check out the bird feeding - where a kind gentleman allowed Lumpy to use his paid for bird seed and feed some birds!
Lumpy saw some older kids doing a balancing rope walk and had to give it a go... She did well untill the wind started and she lost her balance!
Next it was off to the tree top walk (where i was worried that Lumpy would freak at the height, and thankfully did not). When we finished the tree top walk, we went into the gardens - where we decided we would follow the leader and allow Lumpy to pick the paths. She loved it! (so many paths! you could easily get lost for hours) While walking around the gardens Lumpy asked if we were walking to the cafe, Yep, that's my girl.
checking out the tree, looking for tinkerbell
Starting the tree top walk.
the gardens
We followed the leader
Reading the plaques
Smelling the flowers
Finally the cafe!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Was looking for a fun easy (I was exhausted) dinner idea. Build Your Own Burger!Budget friendly (as opposed to having take away on the nights when you really can't be bothered)
Lumpy set the table - 2 knives for one and 2 forks for the other...
Bread (the bakery bread slicer was broken - so had to cut my own thick slices) end of the day bread 2 loaves for $6, cheese - home grated, pineapple, beetroot, patties pack of 4 from grocery club $2.99 (cut one in half as 1 is too much for lumpy), eggs - home grown, haloumi, salad, sauces! Yummy
Lumpy had to make a bbq sauce smiley face!
Dinner was followed by do your own dessert.
As we packed up, we made lunches with the left overs! easy, fun and yummy meal idea.