Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Dinosaur world

After doing some Dinosaur colour ins at the library, we decided to make a dinosaur world! A quick shop for some supplies - a their box and the dinosaurs! and then a quick walk to go and pick up some rocks, sticks, leaves, bar.
A very simple and cheap (espeically if you already had dinosaurs) activity and was fun to make and has kept her entertained for a while :)

Collecting rocks
deciding where it shoudl all go.
finding a place for everything.
Playing with teh dinosaur world.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Preschool pre writing skills

Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR. Secondly, I've been a little slack due to exhaustion and so much to do, I'm feeling much better and ready to blog some more :)
Lately, Lumpy has been asking to do "home work" so a quick google found some pre - writing fine motor skills work sheets. She has done a few of these, and loves them (and NAGS to do them alll day!!). After a lovely play date this morning (and a wonderful rare nap) she asked AGAIN for hoem work - the printer did not work!! the photocopier did. So i made a few sheets, however decided she needed outdoor play. I Made her a seek and find list, gave her a small glass jar and sent her to the yard while I prepared dinner- this was a very big hit with Miss Lumpy!
I am certainly no artist!
Her finds!

Sydney trip.

In October we took a short mini break to Sydney! It was very very busy and very fun (and very smokey - they had the Blue Mountain fires at the time)- we managed to get an amazing price on flights (as long as we only had carry on luggage and on fly on set dates). 
Waiting to get on the ferry to the ZOO
on the ferry
Not enough room :(
Lumpy and I being... Us.
Roof top golf!
 Powerhouse Museum - making a picnic
Powerhouse Museum - swimming
Powerhouse Museum - Dorothy Dinosaur dance shoes- wiggle exhibition