Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fizzy colours

Bicarb + vinegar + food dye = fizzy colours!
Sadly this activity was shorter lived than I  hoped for! after realising using a spoon was too slow, Lumpy decided to just tip the colours into the bicarb and mix! She did love that it fizzed and reacted, so atleast she noticed that!

Lumpy decided to just dump the bicarb into the colour!

Plane trip fun....

The past 10 days were spent in cold but amazingly beautiful New Zealand. The holiday was amazing. We will be going back at some stage to see the North Island.
The return plane trips with a 2.5 yr old lumpy were a little stressful even with careful planning and organising!
Little snap lock bags of activities, food, and inflight entertainment all helped. I either got new toys/ borrowed finger puppets, or hid old toys for a month or so before our trip.