Friday, October 28, 2011

Backyard adventure

Not much to say about these really. I just set up a balance thing and put out the tyres and let her do the rest (meant I could have a coffee mmmmm)

Harley supervising Lumpy

Found something of interest!

My tiny dancer!!

I know I know, I always say "Halloween is NOT an Aussie thing so people should not celebrate/trick or treat" BUUUUT when i got an email from Lone Pine koala park saying they had a family fun day for Halloween on today, well I had to go!
First we had to go to Spotty and get a ballerina outfit.

Lumpy truly has no sense of fear, that became very apparent today when she run up and jumped on a kangaroo. I on the other hand was petrified (have you seen those claws?!?).
Buying a yearly pass for Lone Pine (Lumps is free until 3) was the best thing we could have done, so local and so much to do (well for a little kid can you really ever get sick of patting animals and listening to grunting Koalas?).
very unhappy tiny dancer!

Oh puddle!!!

"mumms shhhhhicken"

She LOVED the Roos!

Please coem back! she chased this one for a while before admitting defeat.

Fascinated by the Pumpkin with a face!

Hmmm, perhaps i should check out coles and make her a pumpkin?!?! But it does seem like  a lot of work....

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

After day care exploring.

Just a quick entry - After day care (and work) we washed Harley - which consisted of mumma doing all the work and Lumpy grabbing her sqeezy bottle of blue food dye and squirting that all over Harley! Then we  took him for a walk. Lumpy decided to explore her yard and our neighbours trees!

:( i have tried uploading these so many times but they keep being sideways :( 

Harley checking out what Lumpy is doing.

Hey what are these things in the tree mumma??

Oh what's over there?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Junior Masterchef

Lumpy's conjunctivitis was better today (completely gone or she wouldn't be preparing food!) and she was able to go to daycare... UNTIL she dropped Harley's ceramic bowl on her foot and now has a bruised and horrible toe!
SO, what can we do to keep entertained today? I decided we could do some easy baking today, I made muffins and Lumpy made us some bread (with the breadmakers help).

hands washed, apron on, pre measured ingredients, check.

Flour in, check.

water in, Check.

95% off flour actually went in!!

The finished product! 

She was so proud of herself for helping, She takes tasks very very seriously. She is often asking if she can help. What's a little mess when a little one is learning?
 Lumpy is still having her nap... BUT I sampled it shhh, its sooooo yummy!

Again proof having fun with and teaching your child new thinsg does not have to cost you the earth  :)
Enjoy the time with our kids - once these little years are gone they will never come back.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little post.

Not too much has been happening, Lumpy has had conjunctivitis so has been limited on our adventures. So we did some retail therapy and "cup o tea" baby chino and muffin on Monday. Bless her, I really love this little girl!! 20 months old and knows that we get our coffee from Gloria Jeans as they have free babychinno's with mumma coffee! we walked past other cafe's and it was only at Gloria Jeans she pointed and said " Cup O tea mumma?" so of course we have baby chino and mini muffin.

Today I didn't have any activities "planned" so I let her lead me! we ended up digging in the dirt for AGES!

As the title suggest this really is a little post.x

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Easy After daycare activity

What do you do with an active child who is also tired after a day at day care?!? You give them a threading coloured pasta on a pipe cleaner task! - we use pipe cleaner instead of thread/string as its thicker and firmer easier for little rough hands. I am lucky that when Lumpy is given a task she sits and focuses and persists (sometimes after some gentle encouragment). She was tired and this asctivity only lasted 15 minutes which is fine.

Serious concentration!

This one was a "mumma, mumma" She needed help as she had kinked the pipe cleaner.

Wearing one handmade bangle! (which Harley ate :( )

Starting to get distracted, see those tired eyes :(

Seperated colours. I just used home brand pasta, 3 different food dyes, Dried on paper towel on the bench (hot day so didnt take long to dry)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A few dollars worth of stuff = lots of fun.

We have done so many things this weekend (well from my weekend Friday- Monday), We went along to a library's reading and crafts for 2-4 year olds (yes I know Lumpy is only 20 months old), she loved it, there was singing and dancing reading of a few books and then the arts and crafts. It does go for an hour and is FREE. We had to leave after about 40 minutes as someone was past tired and getting too noisy. I am not uploading piccies from the library as there are so many other kids.

 While we were at the shop we grabbed a few items from the cheap shop -- a set of 4 kitchen sieves, and some clear sauce bottles. (Yes she put her hat on herself she knows outside = Hat)

Some flour and rice in a container, scoop some up in a sieve and shake until only rice is left. This was fairly easy for Lumpy to "get".

Next I showed Lumpy how we can leave our hand prints after dusting flour over our hands using the sieve, This fascinated her for about 2 minutes... then it was fun to rub the flour into the table.

Next we added some shaving foam to a container, put some water and food dye in the sauce bottles and she squrted the food dye in .

And then she decided it felt lobely on her tummy.  

Some more exciting news from us, we got a doggy this weekend!! Lumpy LOVES him. His name is Harley, Lumpy however calls him Ahhhrley.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Something different.

Yesterday was the grand opening of our local Coles after the floods back in January. SO Lumpy and I were there lined up ready to go in at 8 when it opened. FREEEBIES galore, we walked in and Lumps was given 2 flowers, strawberries and mango, lots of activities for the next 5 days so will be heading back tomorrow to get some face panting and activity centre art and crafts. (will upload photos when I figure out where they went!)
This was coles during the flood.

It rained overnight, that is not going to stop us playing out side though! Gumboots check! Lumpy is learning to balance so I "made" a balance beam with a sleeper and paver off cuts, she loves it and once she finishes it she yells "yay" and claps.

Oh dear, practice makes perfect.
Something we havent done before, grab a tyre from the shed and let it be whatever we want it to be!

Something to climb in and out of...

something to try and push along.

She also used it to put her sandpit buckets into!