Thursday, September 29, 2011

ABC workshop Redbank Plaza

Today's adventure was doing something that we would do at home, out at the shcool holiday ABC workshop at the Redbank Plaza. Yes I know Lumpy is only 19 month old and not in school. I called and checked they were happy to have her if I stayed with her.
So off to the Plaza we went, and she almost jumped out of her stroller to get in on the action. She got to pick the canvas she wanted to colour in, she picked the horse (or the NAYYYYYY if you're Lumpy). Walked over to a table and confidently jumped up to start colouring, they had felt pens which she had never used before! so was very puzzled at why no colour came out.

The finished masterpiece!

The work shop was free. It had colouring tables, a small selection of ABC books for the kids/parents to read amd a television playing ABC television shows. Tomorrow is it's last day, so if you are over that way stop in.

After the workshop we went to the library to do puzzles and read and just hang out., Lumpy was fascinated by the phone both! I guess she isn't used to seeing one on every street corner!

Have a great weekend.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday 26/9

Well yesterdays "adventure" is slightly different... However still a very essential one that every girl needs to undertake..... a trip to Harbour Town!! Shopping, shopping, lunch, shopping, nap.
She was a very well behaved Little girl. SHE LOVED the hats and fascinators at the David Jones outlet. She tried so many on. Sorry for the dodgy photos I only had my phone camera on me. She did have shoes on at the start of the shopping trip... I guess she was just getting right into the day at the races feel? hat check, dress check, shoes off after a few hours check.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mumma working the weekend :(

Well, I guess one of the "joys" of being a nurse is working weekends, early starts and not much time with th elittle one. Meaning Lumpy and daddy time! Lumpy certainly started the day off bright and early (bless her!) At 510ish she walked from her room to ours and hopped in bed with daddy, along with BYO linen...

After work, and when Lumpy FINALLY woke up, I needed something indoors but fun to do with her (she had spent a lot of time outdoors with daddy while he helped turf a relative's yard). So what else do you do when you want to kick up shaving foam a notch?? you add food dye. (Though daddy wasn't too happy when some pink food dye and foam got the lounge wall... How else are kids meant to learn and explore?!?).

I truly love nothing more than watching the expressions of her face when she does something for the first time OR when she does something again that she loves.

hmmm, you can see someone is a little sick still :(

Really need to mix these colours through!
 We ended up taking the container and coloured foam up to the bath tub and played for a while longer, She was then incredibly fascinated by the colour the water went (an idea for next mummy- little plastic containers water and food dye!).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sick mumma.

I have been sick the last 2 weeks with sinus infection. Coming up with ways to entertain a very active 19 month old can get very tricky when I just want to sit (yes I know mums CAN NOT be sick!). I did still send her to day care yesterday while iI rested and saw the GP again.
After day care I decided to go and enquire about swimming lessons, our local pool offers them. Near the local pool is a nice park so we walked there (I got in trouble from Lumpy for walking past the car "Mumma Mumma car, Mummmmmmmmma car" until she saw the play equipment :) ).
She was happy to let me sit in the shade while she played on the equipment. I am always amazed at her lack of fear and determination. There was a metal chain ladder to get to the slide, she managed to get to the top before requesting my assistance.
She had just watched some older children laying on their tummy swinging, so of course she attempted it herself.

Trying to decide which way to slide.
Finally figured it out xx.

Feeling so much better today, If it's warm and not windy I will most likely do a yard picnic and shaving foam and food dye.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Previous adventures.

Here is a small selection of photos from our recent adventures.

Playing at Southbank's new water play area (post Jan 2011 floods)

Southbank's Kaleidoscope light tunnel for the Brisbane Festival 2011 - with Homemade Mumma(you can follow her here)

Hugging a pig at Queens park zoo, because thats just what you do.

More animlas in a petting zoo, at the local show (she may have nearly squished a chicken!)

Enjoying a muffin tray meal (idea borrowed from Homemade Mumma)

Playing with shaving foam! (Thanks Play at home Mom) was still a little too cold outside to play in the clam shell, so we used the bath instead, This was a huge success.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Hello, and welcome!
This will be a blog about the adventures my daughter Lumpy and I (and I suppose my husband) undertake!
Here is a little pic of Lumpy and I in the very new days. One can never explain the love you feel for your child when you finally meet them.