Friday, March 29, 2013

Chocolate bread scrolls

These are realllly NOT diet friendly! It is however, quick, easy and yummy!!

I used a bread machine
3c plain flour
3/4 cup carob powder (don't have cocoa)
1c water
2 teaspoon sugar
1/4c powder milk
1 table spoon butter
1.25spoon yeast
1.25 teaspoon bread improver
Sprinkle of salt
Put on dough setting and wait.
Roll out dough on floured surface
I spread a thin layer of blackberry jam,
Sprinkle choc chips (any colour) roll in a log
Cut into small scroll slices
Bake 180° for 15-20 minutes.

The dough rolled out and jammed

choc chips sprinkled

ready for the oven
20 minutes later
inside view!
Taste tester approved!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mumma camp!

I have decided that I will be taking Lumps on camps on my "weekends" (shift work) just one night at a time. Our first Mumma camp was friday,  we went to Thunderbird Park (close and beautiful) -  We were lucky enough to have another Mumma and her 2 kids come along! - We are all experienced campers (Kids included!) so we just grabbed on sale 2 man tents (which were incredibly quick and easy to put up with 3 kids running around).
Lumpy certainly had a great time, and I enjoyed myself! was so good getting away and hearig the birds, the creek not hearing any traffic! and allowing the kids to explore a new environment.

our little easy to set up tent

Post shower soccer training

checking out the running river

Thunderbird park - awesome first mumma camp.

Checking out the near by creek

Having a snack

Checking out an old tree.
Mumma camps is something i will be doing more of in the coming months, By myself or with other I don't mind :)


This year my goal is to make memories without spending a fortune. Last week we grabbed half a BBQ chicken  some bread rolls and headed out for a picnic.

of course i forgot swimmers!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Make your own Apple chips

We love apple chips! but buying them often can be expensive and may contain preservative. This cheap and simple method makes YUMMY appel chips with nothing nasty added, and only 2 ingredients (ok 3 if you do the cinnamon & sugar seperate. It is also a great way to use up the last of last weeks apples, or when apples are really cheap.

What you need
apples (I used 2 green apples)
Apple corer
and cinnamon sugar (or cinnamon and sugar) OPTIONAL
knife to slice apples.

wash and core apples, Slice so that each piece has the core as the centre.
place on lined baking trays (or sprayed trays)
sprinkle the cinnamon sugar
place in a 95 degree C oven for 2 hours.

all items gathered

Apples sliced, placed on baking paper and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
2 hours later.....