Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daisy Hill Koala Centre

Today we decided on a bbq picnic somehwere kind of local. We went to the Koala centre at Daisy Hill (info here). We packed our bbq picnic and portable small gas stove and off we went. The Koala centre is free, It has the centre with a few koalas and some information (great for kids that are able to read). It has picnic ground (plenty of table and some bbqs - which are free but need wood and the plate we had was really not great). There is also some bush walks which leave from the day use area. I have to say this was really a great day out and cost next to nothing.

We had an uninvited guest! Lumpy Loved it "hello bird"

We decided to do teh Tree discovery trail (800mts return) Up hill and some stairs but a very easy walk with a 2 year old who did over half teh walking herself)

Lumpy discovered an ants nest. So of course we let her stop and explore her find.

My world in one photo.

Daddy took his hat off and lumps made a nest in it!!!! <3 <3 Bless her.
Notice an extra head!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Toilet paper roll crafts

I have found a few toilet paper roll craft ideas that I really want to try. I have run out of rolls to make the DINOSAUR roll. SO I used some cardboard and made a roll!

The body glued onto cardboard

the body in a roll

2 arms and a leg

Finished Dinosaur!

Very easy activity, I had to do all the work, but Lumpy enjoyed watching and naming all the body parts of dinosaur.

Dorothy template found here

Daddy daughter play

As you know I'm a shift worker, which involves weekend work. I have worked the last few weekends (or part of) So daddy and Lumpy have undertaken some adventures - Her first ferry ride in the city, Heading to Roma Street Parklands and riding the train around the grounds and the one which was daddy's favourite - going to Hoyts jrn to see Angelina Ballerina!

Sitting inside teh ferry crossing the river

Enjoying Lunch after the ferry ride

Yay up on top!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Anyone who knows Lumpy knows that she LOVES "kickies" (water crackers/saos/any cracker). So I thought I would make my own. I found a recipe when looking for my arrowroot recipe.
Cracker recipe can be found here!

We only had white flour and they worked out well. Make sure you prick them before baking.
They have passed the Lumpy test.

I think you could do a garlic and parmesan version for a different taste!

ADDIT- while i was rolling out the ough Lumpy was singing "row row row row row"

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Soap crayons

With all this horrible wet weather we have had. I have had to find things to do and make that are low cost and indoor. I wanted something different and fun for both Lumpy and I.

An amazing friend gave me a great book Small fry play (Susie Cameron & Katrina Crook, Written by Sue Cant). It has a recipe for soap crayons - I thought I would give it a crack.

1 cup of soap flakes to 1 tablespoon hot water (I grated my own!)
Mix until paste like add food dye
put it in a mould for 2 days.

can be used as soap or a crayon - Lumpy colours in the tiles in the bath room. She then also uses a washer to erase it!

I really enjoyed making them. The more time that passes the more "set" the crayons become.
1 cup of soap flakes

a chunky paste (i got impatient!)
In the mould ready to set.

not too bright but visable

easily removed!

Give it a go! they really are quick to make and make bath time fun and easy - plus your tiles get cleaned!

i LOVE this

I know this is not an adventure. But this is so true.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Chipmunks play centre -Underwood

Today Lumpy and I went to a play centre at Underwood. We have been to a few play centres and just assumed this one would be like the rest.

I loved it! It had really good play equipment. It did not have the standard same stuff the others have.

Under 5's

They did have a ball pit in the under 5 area. It had white see through balls and coloured lighting underneath - great for young inquisitive minds.

A walk on piano floor mat - Yes I did try it out! (and had images of Homer Simpson on that giant floor piano).

A favourite for lumpy was the mary go round/carosel which was FREE and always on.

There was also a bladder filled with ?gel, that the kids could walk on and jump on, lay on whatever they wanted! I was really impressed with this - again on the bottom of it was colours. I love that it has more than just play equipment.

Over 5's-

WOW huge play euipment - climbing, balls- an area with balls, vaccum and blowing air and keeping the balls in the air with well air tables.

We didn't spend as much time in the area as teh Under 5's. I will be going back and exploring it further.

Oh and a giant inflatable slide!

** This is the ONLY play centre we have been to which actually checks the armband number with the ticket number you have.

The food was reasonably priced and quite nice.
Plenty of seating.

You could purchase a token to ride on the train or pirate ship.

the mary-go-round

The bladder filled with ? gel

The Piano mat.

The ball pit in under 5's with the coloured lights

Put balls in here

they get sucked up and spat out here

part of the over 5's

you put a ball over that little spout thing and teh ball floats up to inside the ball

Buttons kids have to push to make thinsg work.

This net thing is in the air - is sucks up balls and holds them in the net- a kid pushes a button it sounds an alarm and tips the balls out!

Random hanging things.

Remember your socks! both adults and children MUST wear socks.