Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Worlds most beautiful ballerina

Lumpy has been doing pre ballet gentle movements since July. She loves it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Free water play ground

Rocks Riverside park (info here)   Is a great park for kids. It has a water area, a few different play grounds with equipment aimed at different ages and stages of development (you try and tell Lumpy she can't climb the huge rope structure!) Parking is free, making it a cheap and fun day out.

We got there just before 9, and by 920 the place had filled up!

having a swim.

walking in on of the little pools
After a swim, we decided it was time to go on a pixie hunt! sadly no Pixies were found. We did how ever find ducks and a vegetable garden!

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All this swimming and pixie hunting makes us hungry!

Have a great week.

Jelly ice blocks

With a 29°  spring day approaching I looked for great ice block ideas and found one where you used jelly crystals and ice block molds.
I don't have ice block molds so used silicon dinosaur cake shaped molds and craft ice block sticks!
These ice blocks do not melt easily either so less mess for mummy!

Ice block sticks in the molds

Jelly crystals
Adrady for the freezer

These worked very well, tasted great (just like jelly on a stick!) and didn't melt all over the floor.

Arts and crafts

Sick mummy + active toddler + well stocked craft supplies = a few moments to relax.

Using glue for feathers and ice block sticks
Our new organisation, tidy supplies yet inviting to Lumpy.