Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween party food

Miss Lumpy had a Halloween party to attend with her Girl Guide unit this week- where it was bring a plate to share. I may have gone a little crazy on Pinterest and found a few things I wanted to make!
I managed to control myself and only make 3 things.. Lumpy was so impressed, she said "Thank you for your hard work making all this awesome food"

- White chocolate strawberry Ghosts,
- Witches broom sticks
- Oreo spiders!
I will give a quick instruction how to do each of them.

First up the Broom sticks
You will need
- Cheese stringer/sticks
- Pretzels
Cut your stringer cheese stick in to 3 pieces, Leaving space at the top (about a finger width) string up the bottom parts to look like a broom. Stick the pretzel in - not too far or the stringer will break (also why we don't pull the strings too far) make ribbons from your chives (I got 3 or 4 from each chive)

Next the chocolate strawberry Ghosts- 
You will need-
-Melting white chocolate
- Strawberries
- Edible gel pen
- Mini m&m's for eyes
Melt your white chocolate in your preferred method. While that is melting get some baking paper and line a tray, remove all the green from your washed and dried strawberries.
Dip the strawberries into the white chocolate, don't remove the excess, let it make the tail of the ghost, While the chocolate it still wet, add the mini m&m's, once they are set draw on the mouth. refrigerate until needed. 

Next up- Oreo spider
You will need
- Mini Oreos
- Lolly laces or liquorice
- Mini m&m's
- Small amount of melted white chocolate for the eyes to stick 

Open you oreos - you will need to keep the sides with the filling, the plain side isn't needed for this (but can be cursed up and used for dirt for any other treat's you'e making). Cut 4 lengths of lolly lace, to the length you want the legs,  and place the across the Oreo filling (so one length will do 2 legs) do this 3 more times. Then place another filling side of the Oreo on the top to hold them all together.
With a small dab of white chocolate on the top add two m&m's for eyes and let set.

ENJOY! 3 easy and relatively inexpensive Halloween party treats!