Thursday, March 19, 2015


Goodness, I got so busy with Christmas, getting Lumpy organised for starting SCHOOL! (where did my baby go?!), getting 2.0 ready for daycare part time and getting me organised for the return to work that I haven't done a post in a long time.

Firstly - Lumpy is a absolutely loving school. She takes her homework very seriously (even waving it under my nose if I have to get dinner in the oven before we sit to do it). She has taken to writing whenever she can - need your meal plan written out? Ask Lumps, Need a shopping list? Ask Lumps. I do miss my days with her :(, but good news is it is almost easter school holidays!

Secondly - 2.0 is loving day care and is incredibly mobile and active. She is always into something (mostly the plastics drawer in the kitchen or the coffee table drawers or removing the entire content from my hand bag to locate my keys) All while still smiling, a very happy little girl. Learning, smiling, being cheeky. tat seems to be her day <3 p="">
I will be sure to post some more regular posts again. have a great weekend.