Thursday, August 22, 2013

Making strawberry jam

While in South Australia we visited a farm that makes jams. Lumpy has asked if we could make jam. Strawberries were very cheap today, so we made Jam!
1kg Strawberries, 1kg sugar, some lemon juice
removing all the "green"
adding sugar to the pot
After leaving the strawberries and sugar to sit for about 45 minutes
Boiling away!
All bottled up and in the sink cooling
4 jars of jam!
Just had some on toast after dinner... MMMMMM = WINNNNAH

South Australia holiday!

Earlier this month, we went on a family holiday to South Australia! What a wonderful week it was, such a family friendly destination.
Our first full day we headed to Hanhdorf ( info here), I LOVE this town! its beautiful and the food is AMAZING.
Hanging out in Hanhdorf
looking down main street
one of the many old buildings!
The next day we headed off for an over night stay on Kangaroo Island!
Lumpy checking out a seal
heading to do a walk to check out Remarkable Rocks

Seals playing just off the beach in a little town we stopped at for breakfast!

The next few days were spent going to small towns and into Adelaide!
Granite island
Horse Tram on Granite Island
mm Cheese factory
Grabbed some cheese and crackers and stopped at a picnic ground!
St Peter's Cathedral
Hanging out in Adelaide.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

DIY pedicures....

It was a public holiday in Brisbane yesterday, I worked, Lumpy and daddy went and had a day at a local park with water for swimming and lots and lots of play ground equipment.

After work Lumpy and I decided to have some "foot soak" time. So easy, fun, cheap and really great mum & daughter activity (that leaves you all warm and fuzzy).

We used to do foot soaks with large buckets until I was given a foot spa for Mothers day.

Lumpy enjoying her foot spa.
Making sure her hands get relaxed too!
Mummy get pretty toes! almost the whole toe ha ha!
It's easy to have quality time with your child/ren that cost next to nothing.

6 day road trip/camp

Back in may, we went ona Orad trip/camping adventure. We met a few friends up in Town of 1770.
While the nights were cold (FREEZING) the days were still warm enough for the kids to play in the water.

Lumpy LOVED the trip and still talks about her friends and things they did! I cant wait for the weather to warm up a little more so we can do some more mumam camps!

Enjoying a Mamino ice creamon the way home
another food stop on the drive home
Hanging out after a walk in 1770
"Pirate James Cook's ANKLE" - she really cracks me up.
Getting ready to go out with daddy
beautiful look out after a short work in 1770
Hervey Bay on teh way up.