Saturday, December 6, 2014

Our first week with Elf on the shelf

We have had our first week of the elf on the shelf!  What a fun week we have had! 
On the first morning, we met our elf, Lumpy gave her a name "Hatty". I have had so much fun helping Hatty get up to mischief. Lumpy has loved running around looking for her. After the sElfies, she asked why Hatty had tags. WHOOPS. I said - Maybe she hasn't decided if she will stay here yet. The next morning she asked me to help her look for tags (Hatty was baking and up the back of the bench), the tags were gone. One very excite Lumpy.

A little unsure meeting her elf!

Hatty doing some sElfies!
Hatty making a mess while cooking!
The locals were not impressed with Hatty making a mess
Hatty and Ken got married.  - whiteboard marker does not come off the rougher surface at the back of the car easily.
Hatty and Tinkerbell  having out in the fairy garden.
Playing scrabble with Elsa and Thor! what a great Saturday night.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Corn chips!

Lumpy was looking through a cook book and found a 'recipe' for home made corn chips. Of course this was then followed by - Let's make chips!.
Great idea. As soon as 2.0 went for her nap we go ou corn chip making on.

Things you need -
Corn tortilla
Lumpy wanted cheesey ones so we used parmesan on half.

Cut tortilla into triangles. Lay in a single layer on a lined tray.
Brush with oil (our pastry brush is MIA so we used a clean paint brush!)
Salt/flavouring sprinkled on.

Bake at 180° fan forced oven for 10 minutes. We did a little longer and had a crispy darker chip).