Friday, June 1, 2012

Very busy week!

Ok, So there was a 6 day period in May!

Started on the friday with checking in to the Seaworld resort, heading to Movie world. Followed by Saturday at Seaworld, Tuesday Mor ing we were on a 6am flight to Newcastle! very early morning for us.
We got into Newcastle and drove to Sydney, where we stayed in Darling Habour for a night and back to Newcastle for a 445pm flight home!

We squeezed SO much in while in Sydney! Drove the scenic route from Newcastle airport to Sydney,  Lunch by the Harbour, a loop on the monorail, arvo tea in the Botanic gardens next to the Opera house, Dinner at Start city Casino, a trip to ths Aquarium and back to Newcastle for lunch, a visit to a beach for coffee and then back to the airport! We had a very exhausted Lumpy who was incredubly well behaved on the flights!

Checking in at Nara

Heading in to Movie world

Daddy and lauren on the Merry go round at Seaworld!

Daddy and Lauren on teh plane ride at Seaworld

Mummy and Lauren at the Opera House

Arvo tea at the Gardens! <3 beautiful girl!

Morning tea at the Aquarium Cafe - she announced her "Congue likes cake"

Daddy and Lauren at the Aquarium <3

We will be going back to Sydney as a familyto spend more than 24 hours!!!