Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Murphy's creek.

Murphy's Creek may sound familiar to some. It is in te hupper Lockyer Valley which was part of Queensland where lives were lost in the January floods.
We went camping here last weekend - It was soooo dry and the creek bed was cracking, It was so hard to imagine that 11 months ago the water was FLOWING with such force it knocked down most things in its way.

the dry creek bed.


hello? water??

oh we found some water!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

erm a little late... BUT as promised.

Watermelon feeding pics! here is what you do with left over melon on shopping day

this is when the fun is over!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Summer play.

We have recently just put out some new grass seeds so we need to water them daily for a few days. Miss Lumpy wanted in on this action! she really loved the water from the hose.

Oops I need watering too!

Such a busy day, from watering to lunch with daddy and then onto my mums house to play with cousins and hang around for "ninner" time!
Makes me sad that she can't play under a soaker hose in summer like we used to "back in the day". Wow I feel old! I mentioned in a previous blog that she loved the phone booth in a library and that i realised she had never seen a real one and now the soaker hose. Any other things we enjoyed as kids that out kids never will?!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Summer play.

We have had lots of outdoor play now that it's warmer.Lumpy can spend so long playing outside, sliding, swinging, digging dirty, making Harley's water bowl a play zone.

these photos were taken at night by the daddy one .

Yesterday we went to our local pool (which was completely submereged back in the floods). Lumpy had a blast! she also was realy upset at having to go home!

She was soooooo excited to find a noodle!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Healthier life style!

Here is a link to an awesome Fb page that is a Heart foundation Mums united initiative.
Basically encouraging healthier lifestyles - more activity with your kids, better eating (yes heart foundation tick foods!).

This is an awesome reference for ideas. I know some people percieve this as sexist, I however see it as a great thing. Our children have a lower life expectanacy to us due to the increased obesity, the processed foods and inactive lifestyles enjoyed by parents and subsequently our children.

Remember a happy healthy mumma = happy healthy baby!!

Will post in Lumpy's nap time photos of her and her watermelon!