Monday, October 17, 2016

Somerset Dam

I was lucky enough to have a day off on the weekend, so we decided to have a drive somewhere localish and have a BBQ picnic. We decided on Somerser Dam, we had not been as a family and neither one of us could remember going more than once as a kid (a loooooooooong, looooong time ago).
We went to the Lake Somerset The Spit day use area - we really didn't know where exactly we wanted to go so just drove there and picked somewhere!
There were lots and lots of undercover tables and chairs, there were lots of BBQs (some were a set of two to share between a few of the covered areas). They were all very clean and well maintained. There was an area to swim, a boat ramp, a play ground, lots of open space to run around. There was a food van/truck there also (cash only).
Now to the serious stuff. The amenities.
There is 1 block of toilets. Lumpy, at the age of 6.5, had her first encounter with long drop/pit toilets. She was not happy "MUM, these toilets are broken! they go down a long way" then afterwards she walks out and says "I prefer electricity and running water"!!!
We had a small play/splash around in the water however it was a little too cold to go all in.
A great day was had by all, we stopped at the Somerset General Store on the way out to have an ice cream on the deck (they take card and cash). The blisters I got from doing the monkey bars and climbing wall with the girls have now settled.