Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Something I never did with Lumpy, mostly because I had a lot of friends with babies/toddlers/children the same age- both friends and mothers group through the health centre, was join a Playgroup, I looked at them but never signed up or attended. With having a 4.5year gap between Lumpy and 2.0 and not many friends with babies at the same time, I found I needed to find something to help socialise not only 2.0 but me too.
We have been attending Playgroup during the school year this year, we love it! There is always so many things set up - some crafts, play dough, puzzles at the tables, on the floor there are play kitchens, dress ups, dolls, a clothes line and pegs, some blocks, cars or other transport activity for the children to play with to their hearts content. There is also some other activities, this week was an obstacle course. 2.0 loved it. It was the first time she actually went through the tunnel and discovered how much fun they can be.
There are other children of a variety of ages and after a play and afternoon tea, they do some songs and listen to a story.
I am glad I gave it a go and have met some wonderful parents and grandparents and 2.0 has more people to interact with.
to find your nearest play group click here