Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lunch box inspiration

Trying to pack daycare/school lunches can get boring... And expensive.
Last week Lumpy requested no more sandwiches for a while! Instead she had left over "green pie" - which is spinach and feta, we had some muffin sized ones left from the weekend and she took one everyday!
I forget that sometimes I need to mix thinsg up. SO this is a little post I will update more often with what we send to lunch - Please feel free to add comments and suggestions!!

This week there is sandwiches! It was requested for sandwich with vegemite and square cheese,
In the first compartment is a fruit mix (paw paw, strawberries (which we picked) blue berries and rockmelon)
Second compartment was an egg - cheap as we have chickens (except we used all the eggs for baking and tonights dinner so collected some from my mum) (some facilities have a no egg policy due to allergies, make sure yours is safe)
third compartment is sultana banana cake/loaf which Lumpy and I made this morning, using some turning bad bananas
final compartment is yogurt from the 1.8kg tub we got from our roadtrip yesterday, her sandwich with vegemite and square cheese (yes, I do use cookie cutters to "cut" her sandwiches), home made air popped pop corn


greem pie, mandy, yogurt, fruit
This weeks lunches will look like this - left over "green pie", yogurt sachets (12 pack for $2.99 from grocery club), watermelon and grapes, mandarin (after this photo was takes, we ate dinner there was left over sausages and Lumpy asked if she could have one for lunch, so one was added)
A scone that Lumpy and daddy made while I worked
Dried apricots (good for iron and to assist with bowels)and craisins
Cheese from the block, tomato, fig & multigrain crackers
This week is a short week - Labour day public holiday. So only 2 lots of lunches for Lumpy.
Dried apricots and sultanas, with home made jelly fruit "cups"
Vitaweatlunch slice and baby roma tomaotes
Good old boiled egg
Last nights left over dinner - salad with beetroot, corn and cheese with little chicken balls, and a container of yogurt. I have since added a slice of wholemeal bread with the salad just for a complex carb.